Effective Ways To Deal With Dry Eyes In Women

Effective Ways To Deal With Dry Eyes In Women

Dry eyes are most common health problem in women, particularly in menopausal women.

The main cause for dry eyes is due to fluctuations in most important hormones estrogen and androgens.

Not only post menopausal women, even pregnant women who use birth control pills and women undergoing hormone replacement therapy are frequently diagnosed with dry eyes.

If you are the one among those suffering with dry eyes, here are few effective ways to get better relief.

Optimize your diet

Be sure to eat 3 balanced meals every day that includes whole foods and all important nutrients essential for your body. If you notice any nutritional gap in your diet routine, fill it with multivitamin doses.

Stay hydrated always

Dry eyes can lead to loss of essential fluids in your eyes and can increase intensity of the problem. So, always stay hydrated by drinking enough water. Herbal teas, pure fruit and vegetable juices, milk and other non-diuretic juices also helps you long way to stay healthy.

Take proper care with contact lens

Improper use of contact lens is also one of the reasons for dry eyes. So, ensure that you take proper care with your contact lens and always keep them clean. If possible, try to avoid wearing them and go for other alternatives.

Get enough sleep

Good quality night sleep is extremely important to get better relief from dry eyes. Beyond giving enough rest and refreshment to eyes, quality night sleep can help you to reduce stress that is linked with hormonal imbalances.

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