Women ‘Ignorant’ Of Stroke Risk

Most women are ignorant of small lifestyle changes that would “dramatically reduce” the risk of strokes, the Stroke Association says.

The charity has survey evidence that shows 60% of women do not remember their last blood pressure reading.

Two-thirds do not know what an optimal blood pressure reading should be. Two surveys were conducted by GFK NOP among 1,000 people aged over 16.

Stroke is the most common cause of long-term disability, it says. Women are twice as likely to die from it as men, it added. And it points out that a third of stroke survivors have some sort of communication difficulty.

It predicts that 110 women under the age of 65 will have a stroke this week, 37 of whom will die. Had they controlled their blood pressure, 15 of them could have avoided a stroke altogether.

The survey showed that while more than 20% of women had been prescribed medication to control their blood pressure, 12% were not taking it regularly and thereby putting themselves at greater risk.

The Stroke Association is urging working-age women to have their blood pressure checked regularly and advices that an optimal reading is 120/80 mmHg.

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