Tea Helps Avoid Breast Cancer?

Tea Helps Avoid Breast Cancer?

In a new case-control study of over 5000 women ranging in age from 21 to 75 who had already received breast cancer treatment were compared with a similar number of women who had not suffered from breast cancer.

The study asked many health-related questions including the amounts of regular tea drunk by each person per day.

According to the results of the study, women especially younger women, who drink large volumes of tea every day reduce their risk of breast cancer by just under 38%.

For the terms of the study, “large amounts” of tea was regarded as more than three cups per day.

In both sets of women almost equal numbers drank three cups or more per day 45% and 44% (control group) allowing for a very good rate of comparison.

Although researcher Dr Nagi Kumar based at Tampa Bay’s Cancer Center and Research Institute states that this is in no way conclusive evidence or proof of the effectiveness of tea in combating breast cancer.

And he concedes that it is possible that the study’s findings could simply be no more than chance or coincidence; he does say that the results are interesting and well worth further enquiry.

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