Relief From the Common Miseries of Pregnancy

Common Miseries of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a grueling 10 month process. Wait, 10 months? Yep, 10 months or 40 weeks. Throughout the entire gestation of a baby Mom goes through periods of energy, tiredness, and misery. The most miserable moments in pregnancy differ from woman to woman. However, there is relief for the five most common causes of misery during pregnancy.

Cause of Misery #1: An Aching Back

Nothing is more frustrating than a sore back, and pregnancy is full of it. It can begin as early as the first trimester. Little sympathy is given for women in the early stages of pregnancy, yet back aches do occur. In the first few weeks, Mom’s body is moving major organ real estate around in there to make room for baby. Early in pregnancy soaking in a warm, but not hot, bath is one of the best sources of relief. Pregnant Mommas may also find relief from a rice sock; a cloth sack full of rice and microwaved for about one minute. Before taking over the counter pain relief, pregnant women should consult their doctor for safe medications and doses.

Cause of Misery #2: Heartburn

Women with no previous issues of acid reflux suddenly find themselves burping up acrid memories of previous meals once they are expecting. Severe cases of heartburn are addressed with prescribed medication. For the rest of us, a few simple tricks can help keep the mouth vomit at bay. Most antacids, like Tums, are safe for pregnant women to use and taken right after a meal asa preventative measure. Second, smaller meals are far easier for a pregnant woman’s slower digestive system. Additionally, the contents of the meal make a difference. Spicy and acidic foods will exacerbate the problem, while dairy items are less likely to come back up. But don’t eat too much dairy, or you’ll have the next source of misery on your hands.

Cause of Misery #3: Constipation

As baby grows and monopolizes the front of the abdominal cavity, all other organs are crammed to the back. This is why a woman’s digestion slows down– there is just litle room to move food through the process. Every pregnant women experiences some degree of constipation during her pregnancy. At the first OB visit, most practices will alert women to the safe OTC stool softeners she can take to relieve constipation. Additionally, pregnant women can increase fruits and vegetables in their diets and other foods high in fiber. Smaller meals will also reduce constipation, as the “cars” in the intestine train are smaller as they make their journey. Constipation can be a serious issue if ignored, as it will cause back pain and lead to possible impaction.

Cause of Misery #4: Baby Is In The Ribs

In the second trimester, pregnant women begin to detect baby movement. These little flutters and kicks are thrilling, at first. Then, Mom gets her first taste of baby movement misery when little one decides to put pressure on the ribs and lungs. Pressure on the ribs is a big ouch and makes breathing very difficult. If moving around and repositioning doesn’t work, try this: Warm a wash cloth and place it where the pressure is. The baby should move away from the warmth. Another solution is to take a warm shower and let the water hit the area in discomfort. The shower steam also aids in breathing until baby moves to a lower position.

Cause of Misery #5: Lack of Sleep

Mom’s body is changing rapidly through pregnancy, and finding a comfortable sleeping position is tricky. While baby stores now market all kinds of body pillows for Mom’s growing belly, there are other sleep issues a pillow can’t help with. First, increased pressure on the bladder means more wake ups in the middle of the night. Expectant women also fight random bouts of insomnia. Experts hypothesize this isomnia occurs as a natural preparation for feeding the coming baby at night. The easiest solution is to get sleep when possible, even if it’s a 15 minute nap at the desk during lunch. Some women also find success limiting their fluids within a few hours of bedtime.

No one ever disputes the joys of a new baby, but there are many times when pregnancy is just not fun. Each pregnancy is different, so even experienced Moms might encounter new symptoms in subsequent pregnancies. The very act of rapidly gaining on average twenty five pounds and a rotund belly reaching forty centimeters is uncomfortable. But, by reducing as many sources of misery as possible, expectant Moms and their partners can enjoy some of the miracles of pregnancy with smiles.