Is Food Packaging Affecting Women’s Fertility?

According to a US study led by Dr Chunyuan Fei at the University of California, a whole variety of chemicals can seriously affect the possibilities of a woman becoming pregnant. The substances involved are known as perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs).

Is Food Packaging Affecting Women’s Fertility?

According to statistics from the study, women with high levels of PFCs in their bloodstream took a much longer average time to conceive than women who did not have these substances in their bodies.

There are specifically two kinds of PFCs that are believed to have this negative effect on fertility. In addition, women with this PFC problem faced the further fertility hardship of irregular menstrual cycles.

The scientists also believe that the chemicals have a negative effect on men’s sperm. Apart from reproductive problems, it is known that these chemicals can be toxic affecting many organs including the liver as well as having a very negative effect on the body’s immune system.

Another problem is that these chemicals are extremely hard to avoid as they are used in all kinds of normal everyday items.

Perhaps most disturbing, they are a regular component in many food packaging items coming into direct contact with many foods

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