How to Increase a Woman’s Sex Drive

Its been a while since you have had an interest in sex. Maybe it seems like a few weeks, but you know it has been months. The man in your life is reminding you regularly of his needs. His patience is running thin. You are uncertain what to do. Your guilt at not meeting his needs is intense. However, sometimes you just feel annoyed that he will not go away and forget about sex. Something needs to be done.

It is possible that you can trace the drop in sex drive to some event. It might have occurred after the birth of a child. Perhaps you are experiencing menopause and your sex drive exited with your monthly cycle. You many have had other issues and your sexual interest just withered by degrees over time. Whatever the reason, you do not have to live with it. There are several possible ways to help get things moving again if you will take some steps to see it happen.

The first and most practical step is to visit with your doctor and find out if there is a physical reason for the demise of your sex drive. You may find, as many women have, that your loss of sex drive is related to some form of hormonal imbalance. This could range from the shutting down of your ovaries to the wrong birth control pill to some other physical problem. Your doctor can either diagnose potential problem areas or rule them out. If it turns out to be physical, you may very well be on the road to recovery before you wake up tomorrow morning. If a physical problem is ruled out, the solution may be a little trickier to fix.

After medical problems are eliminated, the cause could still be physical. If you are carrying too much extra weight, fatigue could be the culprit. There are two solutions to use to begin combating this issue. The first is to change your eating habits to help you lose a little of the weight. The second is to begin an exercise regimen to build your stamina. Over the course of a month or so, with some diligence, you should be able to begin seeing improvement in sexual interest. It does not take a huge weight loss for most people when coupled with exercise to produce excellent results.

The opposite problem could also be true. You may be carrying too little weight to feel your best. Some women practice starvation as a diet technique. This leaves your body undernourished. Your body will rob calories from other areas to meet its energy needs. Reducing your sex drive is one way the body retaliates for starving it. Your body knows when you do not have enough reserves to support a pregnancy. So, it causes you to lose interest in the activity that has the potential to create a baby. You know what that is: sex. Adding to your caloric intake and especially fats and protein will aid your body in restoring a healthy sexual interest.

Fear of pregnancy can lead to a diminished sex drive. Your emotions simply shut down your body’s natural tendency to want sex. In this way, you insure that a pregnancy will not happen. You may have had a difficult childbirth experience. More than likely, you are overwhelmed by the demands and worries of parenthood. The thought of another child to have to take care of is so daunting that you force yourself to avoid sex. You may need some parental counseling. You might need some type of sedative if you are not breastfeeding. It might be you just need a birth control method that is near 100% effective like an IUD.

Depression can lead to the loss of your sex drive. It is not just a loss of interest in sex. You have lost interest in most of the things that you enjoy or want to do. While this is not actually a physical problem, it is treatable with medication. Most people do not need the medicine forever. They just need something to help them get back on track.

Finally, you may need to work on your relationship with your significant other. You may be disturbed by a lack of commitment. There might be some dishonesty between you that needs attention. You may feel ignored until it is time for sex. The problem could sit on either side of the relationship and still create problems in the sex department. Spend some time with your mate and reconnect. This can do wonders for raising the libido.

You need to avoid the substitutes that you have put in your life in place of sex. This might be reading romance novels or watching the same type of material on television or movies. This activity allows you to sublimate your sexual interest in a direction other than your partner. On the other hand, you may want to indulge yourself with a special bath or emotionally relaxing activity that allows you to think about having sex with your partner to raise your interest and mood.


Various reasons exist to cause a woman’s sex drive to diminish.  This article explores many causes and offers possible solutions to this problem.

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