Cellulite – Myths and Facts Uncovered

Women’s Health Those pesky patches of dimply skin that typically appear on the thighs are the bane of many women’s lives, especially as it can look a bit unsightly. Commonly known as ‘orange peel’ or ‘cottage cheese’ because of the way it makes the skin look, cellulite is subject to numerous myths and facts about its causes and treatments. But what’s true and what’s not?

Theory: Only fat people have cellulite

Myth. Anyone can have cellulite, whether they’re young, old, well-built or slim. Fat cells exist under the skin and cellulite occurs as the cells swell and become more fibrous. As this swelling occurs, the tissue changes in texture, which causes the dimpling look we know as cellulite.

Theory: Cellulite only occurs on the thighs

Whilst it’s true that cellulite does occur on the thighs, it’s not the only area that can be affected. It’s also found on the bottom, hips, lower abdomen, on the inner knee area and even under the arms.

Theory: Women are more prone to cellulite

True. Anyone can get cellulite, but because hormonal changes and genetics increase the likelihood of it, women tend to be more prone to cellulite than men.

Theory: If you lose weight, you’ll automatically lose cellulite.

Myth. Wouldn’t this be great if it worked? But, although keeping an eye on your weight, being fit and toned do help, you certainly don’t automatically banish cellulite simply by losing weight. In fact, how and where fat accumulates is connected to your hormones and genetics and your individual pattern is set at puberty. Whilst you can’t change your body’s pattern, you can still minimise the effects by eating healthily and exercising regularly.

Theory: Liposuction can get rid of cellulite

This theory is still hotly debated. Some people suggest that liposuction can’t fully remove cellulite as it works by removing the fat from the deeper layers of the skin. However, other people argue that it is possible to remove some cellulite through the surgical procedure. But whatever your view, it’s a very drastic option to take.

Theory: Special creams work by melting away cellulite.

Myth. Sadly, it’s not possible for a cream to melt away cellulite, although it sounds like a lovely idea. Rather than melting fat away, most of the cellulite lotions on the market work by strengthening the skin, draining away excess fluid and boosting circulation. They do this work on the superficial outer layers of the skin, so there’s no magic melting in action, but some products can help the skin rather than the fat. For example, they can help the skin in cellulite affected areas look smoother, firmer and plumper.

Theory: Massage gets rid of cellulite

This is another theory that’s open to debate. The theory suggests that massage can break down the fibrous bands of cellulite, but there’s a lack of definite evidence to proof it. Plus, experts say that, if it did work, you’d have to have a very hard course of massage for it to have such an effect.

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